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Very Fluid Mentality Structure: Collective Responsibilities – Part 2

Part 2 of The Mentality Ladder – Football Manager Very Fluid Mentality Structure For every one of you who read part one of The Complete series of the Football Manager Mentality Ladder by ‘The Hand of God’ I assume you are all eagerly anticipating the next part in the series. Today you will get the […]

The Mentality Ladder; Player Duty and Fluidity Settings – Part 1

Understanding Player Duties and Fluidity Structures | A Football Manager Guide to Mentality Welcome to the very first part in the ‘The Hand of Gods’ 8-step guide on mentality ladder for Football Manager 2014. In this first part and introduction to understanding fluidity and managers philosophy versus team philosophy, the author will analyze the four […]

Football Manager Mentality Ladder [Complete Series]

The Ultimate Football Manager Guide to Understanding Mentality, Player Duties and Fluidity Using the Football Manager tactics creator can be an easy way of creating the formation and playing styles you want, but have you ever thought about how you can influence the individual player responsibilities and level of mentality within your chosen team mentality […]

Football Manager Staff Attributes [Non-Playing Attributes]

It’s not only the football players who have their specific qualities and strengths. Similar to the Football Manager player attributes are the non-playing attributes which are tied to the backroom staff. Your setup of coaching team and backroom staff members available at your club for providing feedback and handle their main staff responsibilities are vital […]

How to Find the Best Coaches in Football Manager [5 Star Coaching Staff]

Ever wondered how to find the best Football Manager coaches or looking to find 5 star coaching staff for improved training quality to enhance player development without the need to send coaching staff to training courses?

Learn more about how to find the best coaches (5 Star coaches) in Football Manager and which staff attributes are important for the different training categories, goalkeeping, fitness and general training. Read more in this mandatory Football Manager guide.