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Tactical Priorities in Detail – Part 8 of The Mentality Ladder

The Final Chapter of The Football Manager Mentality Ladder Focus on Tactical Priorities After over a week of great Football Manager tactics guides we have come to the final chapter of the Mentality Ladder. Here you will find explanations of the various tactical priorities in detail for the different player roles. You will hereby understand […]

The Mentality Ladder, Duty And Other Settings – Part 7

Understanding How the Mentality Ladder Influence Parts of play; Shape in Phases For the last 6 days we have been publishing all the different tactical priorities within the different mentality structures and fluidity settings from very fluid to balanced and very rigid, which we published yesterday. Now it’s time to change the focus to understanding […]

Very Rigid Mentality Structure: Production Lines – Part 6

Football Manager Very Rigid Mentality Structure – Part 6 of The Mentality Ladder Welcome to the final part about the specific fluidity settings in Football Manager. Here will the Football Manager Very rigid mentality structure be discussed in detail – looking at the player roles and positioning tactical priority in the different match strategies. Learn […]

Rigid Mentality Structure: Gestalt Tactical Systems – Part 5

Part 5 of The Mentality Ladder – Football Manager Rigid Mentality Structure The time has now come to take a closer look on the Rigid Mentality Structure within the Football Manager Mentality ladder. Here will ‘The Hand of God’ analyze the gestalt tactical system which organize tactical priorities according to player positioning rather than the […]