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These qualify files aims to make your Football Manager career more comprehensive and help you in the daily management in order to become superior! The different Football Manager downloads found here is just the actual link to the file, so if you want to read more about the file, please visit the link in each title, which redirects you to the main post about the specific download file published.

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Football Manager 2014 Transfer Update

Most In-depth Football Manager 2014 Transfer Update by Whizzkidz

Download Whizzkids’ FM14 Summer Transfer Update – Get All the latest Football Transfers to Football Manager 2014 As the 2014 football summer transfer window has now closed, we brings you the opportunity to update your Football Manager 2014 with all the latest football transfers of the main 8 playable countries. Thanks to the great Football […]
Football Manager 2014 Summer Transfer Update

Football Manager 2014 Summer Transfer Data Update MEGAPACK by Pr0

Pr0’s FM14 TRANSFERS & DATA UPDATE MEGAPACK WITH NEW WONDERKIDS When we wanted to publish a summer transfer data update for Football Manager 2014, we contacted the very legend Pr0. For years I’ve admired his work because of the accuracy and quality. It’s with much pride I hereby announce the best Football Manager 2014 summer […]
Football Manager Handheld 2014 Transfer Update

Football Manager Handheld 2014-2015 Summer Transfer Update by FMHVibe

Download the latest update to Football Manager Handheld 2014. The popular FMH community FMHVibe has created a Football Manager Handheld 2014-2015 summer transfer update which lets you find all the latest player transfers and managerial moves in FMH 2014. The FMHVibes unofficial data update for Football Manager Handheld 2014 features over 450 new players.
Download Football Manager National Flags [243 Country Flags by NecJeff]

Download Football Manager National Flags [243 Country Flags by NecJeff]

Download Down- and Sidewaved National Flags For Football Manager 2014 Our Football Manager Download section has been enhanced with new graphics. Now we give you the ability to download an excellent pack of over 243(!) Football Manager national flags. Here you will get all the country flags from around the world, from the biggest football […]
Football Manager 2014 Tactic False Counter

The False Counter – Football Manager 2014 Tactic

Download Football Manager 2014 Tactic 4-1-2-2-1 False Counter Hello and welcome to yet another great Football Manager 2014 tactic from Passion4FM. This time, we present to you the ‘False Counter’, which has brought me a first season double with Inter Milan, finishing the league with 95 points – 16 ahead of Juventus in second place. […]
Manuel Pellegrinis 4-4-2 Football Manager 2014 Tactic

Manuel Pellegrini 4-4-2 Football Manager 2014 Tactic

FM14 Manuel Pellegrini’s 4-4-2 / 4-2-2-2 Tactic with Interiores by Passion4FM From the creator of Football Manager Attacking tactic Cobra 3-6-1 influenced by Antonio Conte comes a new world beater! Hello and welcome to Passion4FMs Manuel Pellegrini Football Manager 2014 Tactic. This tactical system represents the preferred approach used with his Manchester City side this […]
Football Manager 2014 Coaching Star Calculator

Football Manager 2014 Coaching Star Calculator

Find Every 5 Star FM14 Backroom Staff – Download Managers United Coaching Star Calculator We have previously released our very own Football Manager 2014 staff recommendations for best coaches, assistant manager and head of youth development. While many of the staff recommended are rather expensive, we have published our Football Manager 2014 backroom staff search […]