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Football Manager features a wide sort of different backroom staff roles, all making you able to delegate tasks, responsibilities and assignments to your coaching team and administrative staff.

Our Football Manager staff recommendation is the natural step further from our Football Manager staff role reviews describing their main attributes and responsibilities. Here you will be able to find the best coaching staff of Football Manager.

Browse our Backroom Staff recommendation archive and find the best coaches, scouts, youth coaches and sporting director in Football Manager 2015 and check our staff reviews of the 5 star coaches and more

Our comprehensive lists of Football Manager 2015 staff recommendations lets you find the best coaches, assistant manager, scouts and head of youth development – all sorted by their main required staff attributes. For the coaching staff their star rating in training will be important.

Passion4FM’s Football Manager Staff recommendations lets you download our backroom staff search filter with all available staff roles in Football Manager 2015.

Football Manager Staff Attributes

Football Manager Staff Attributes [Non-Playing Attributes]

It’s not only the football players who have their specific qualities and strengths. Similar to the Football Manager player attributes are the non-playing attributes which are tied to the backroom staff. Your setup of coaching team and backroom staff members available at your club for providing feedback and handle their main staff responsibilities are vital […]
Football Manager 2014 Coaching Star Calculator

Football Manager 2014 Coaching Star Calculator

Find Every 5 Star FM14 Backroom Staff – Download Managers United Coaching Star Calculator We have previously released our very own Football Manager 2014 staff recommendations for best coaches, assistant manager and head of youth development. While many of the staff recommended are rather expensive, we have published our Football Manager 2014 backroom staff search […]