Football Manager DF11 Facepacks [70109 Portrait Styled Faces For FM15]

Download Football Manager 2015 Faces Megapack by DF11 Facepacks

Passion4FM is proud to announce the first Football Manager 2015 facepack created by our partner DF11 Facepack. Here you can download over 70.109 portrait styled faces for FM 2015 by downloading the update extension pack below the main download. As always, we have only picked the best for our readers!

DF11 Faces Megapack 2015 features all faces for 71 playable leagues from 39 playable countries around the world of Football Manager 2015. As one of few, this faces megapack features portraits of players and staff in lower leagues as well as premier divisions. And the best part is: it’s updated regularly so you get the ‘freshes’ faces for your game! Enhance the Football Manager 2015 experience – Download the Football Manager DF11 Facepacks here!


Season 2014-2015

DF11 is a portrait style facepack that initiated production since October 2010.
The DF11 crew do release regular updates to keep their faces up to date as much as possible.




DF11 faces are 260 x 310 pixels big, which is (a lot) larger than default size (180 x 180).
There will be special DF11 panels available shortly after the release of the new Football Manager game.
These panels will show the DF11 faces in their original big size.

Without these panels the faces will be shown as usual in game.

This is a stand-alone pack intended for use with Football Manager 2015.
DF11 faces will also work with any other version of Football Manager!


Ingame example
original size (260×310) / click image for ingame screenshot


Complete overview when using our DF11 megapack & updates:
70.109 DF11 faces / 71 playable leagues / 39 countries

- Argentina (Primera Division)
Australia (A-League)
Austria (Bundesliga, Erste Liga)
Belarus (Premier Liga, 1a Liga)
Belgium (Jupiler Pro league, Proximus league)
Bosnia Herzegovina (Premier liga)
Brasil (Campeonato A, Campeonato B )
Chile (Primera Division)
Colombia (Primera A)
Croatia (1.HNL)
Czech Rep. (Grambinus Liga, Druha Liga)
England (Premier League, Championship, League 1, League 2, Skrill Premier Conference)
Finland (Veikkausliga)
France (Ligue 1, Ligue 2, Championnat National, CFA)
Germany (Bundesliga 1, Bundesliga 2, 3.Liga)
Holland (Eredivisie, Jupiler League)
Hungary (NBI, NBII)
Iceland (Úrvalsdeild Karla)
Ireland (Airtrycity league)
Israel (Ligat Winner, Ligat Leumit)
Italy (Serie A, Serie B, Serie C1 / C2)
Mexico (Liga MX)
Norway (Tippeligaen)
Poland (Ekstraklasa, I Liga)
Portugal (Liga ZON Sagres, Segunda liga)
Romania (Liga 1, Liga 2)
Russia (Premier League, FNL)
Scotland (Premier League, Championship)
Serbia (Super Liga)
Slovakia (Fortuna Liga, DOXXbet liga)
South Africa (Premier League)
South Korea (K-League)
Spain (Liga BBVA, LIGA Adelante)
Sweden (Allsvenskan, Superettan, Division 1)
Switzerland (Super League, Challenge League)
Turkey (Spor Toto Super League)
Ukraine (Vischa Liha, Persha Liha)
Wales (Premier League)

Notes for this list:
– All leagues named in this list are at least covered for 80% by DF11 faces
– Leagues with a cover percentage below 80% aren’t included to this list



Watch manual / or / Download manual


1 – This is a torrent (magnet link) download!
You need a torrent client on board of your pc to download this DF11 Megapack.

We recommend Utorrent and Bittorrent as torrent client.
There are several more torrent clients (Vuze, Deluge etc), and all will work fine when installed properly.

2 – You need 6GB free diskspace on board of your computer.

It seems to be a lot, but it doesn’t affect the gamespeed of Football manager!
None of any graphical additions will affect the gamespeed of FM.
Only the start-up time will be affected by a couple of seconds. (confirmed by SI)


Your torrent client will automatically start the download once you’ve clicked the link!

4 – Add the downloaded ‘DF11 Megapack folder’ to:
documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2015\Graphics

Note: You have to make the ‘Graphics’ folder by yourself!

Further detailed instructions also available in the ‘Install Manual’.


11 july 2014 / UPDATE 1 – 5386 faces / Preview / Regular download / Torrent download

5 september 2014 / UPDATE 2 – 5238 faces / Preview / Regular download / Torrent download

24 october 2014 / UPDATE 3 – 4927 faces / Preview / Regular download / Torrent download

Next update (nr.4) will be released in november 2014


DF11 panels available for usage with standard default skin of FM2015!

These panels do show DF11 faces in their original (large) size in game.

Simply put this ‘panels’ folder into:

documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2015

panels-small exampla2-small

- Download -


The default face is the image that will show up when a player doesn’t have a face in game.
Specially for all DF11 users we have some nicely designed default faces
for a more uniform DF11 look in game.



- Download -

Install manual is included to this download


Most frequently asked questions:

How to install the DF11 Megapack & updates?
- Please download the ‘instructions manual’.
When installed correctly, you will have one (1) DF11 Megapack folder that includes
all 70.000 faces plus one (1) config file.

I don’t have a ‘Graphics’ folder in my Football Manager game.
- That’s correctly!
After installing Football Manager you will have to add the ‘Graphics’ folder yourself.

Simply make a new folder with your operating system (windows) and rename it as “Graphics“.

When done you’ll add this folder to the following Football Manager folder adress:
documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 20**\Graphics

I don’t see any DF11 faces after installing the DF11 Megapack.
- Be sure you’ve set the ingame settings correctly.


I still don’t see any DF11 faces in game.
- Maybe the config file is defective and not working correctly.
Make a new config file to replace the defective one.

There is a short ‘config file’ tutorial available in the spoiler below.

Download + install the program ‘FMXML’.
Follow the steps of the image below. Starting at step 3 and further on.


There is also a detailed ‘config file’ video-tutorial available here.

Some particular face(s) don’t show up in game while they are included to the DF11 Megapack.
- It simply happends sometimes.
Most of the times we can fix this issue by replacing the defective face with a new one.



Join also DF11 Facebook for more facepack related help,
and be the first to receive information about new updates and developments!

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